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Are you looking for the cheapest 3rd party car Insurance? Well think it twice!!

If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance against third parties, you had better think it twice, as the insurance against third party covers passengers of your car, and usually the most common passengers of your car are the members of your family and / or your loved ones.

What is 3rd Party Car Insurance?

The need for protection and rehabilitation of victims of road accidents has been and continues to be a major priority and goal of every modern and well-governed welfare state. In order to ensure the protection of these victims, it has been established at a European level, already for many years now, the institution of compulsory insurance against third party liability of automobile accidents.


Why you shouldn’t fall behind on your insurance payments

In the current financial situation there is no doubt that some months are a little more stretched financially than others. Unexpected expenses, vacations, and illnesses can all make it seem like your money is spent before you even got a chance to see it. While we've all experienced these moments, it is important to not let certain payments fall to the wayside. Most consumers feel that the insurance payments do not constitute a priority and hence somebody can hold back in the premium payments... However, insurance payments are without a doubt into the category of "must pay" each month.


House Insurance: Theft or burglary;

Have you landed yourself in trouble?

In the dictionary of insurers and beyond, the meaning of the thief is different to the meaning of burglar. So if your household contents have been stolen without your home being broken into, and the wording in your insurance policy covers for burglary (breakage), and not theft, then yes, you are probably in trouble.


4 Smart tips to reduce your insurance premiums

1. Keep your eyes open for special offers due to crisis

The crisis and uncertainty, sooner or later, will be forcing Insurance Companies to come up with special offers that will provide additional incentives such as reduced premiums. Keep your eyes and your ears open to spot insurance offers and secure reductions in the premiums you pay.



Everyone who has concluded an insurance contract surely remembers those more or less "uncomfortable personal questions", where the insured is asked to respond with details and accuracy. How old are you; Do you have a chronic condition; How often do you leave the buildings unattended; Have you filed any prior claims against your insurance company;


Why You Should Always Take Pictures After a Car Accident

In most accidents, the circumstances which led up to the collision are fairly easy to identify, but there are always cases which are disputed or where the fault of the accident is difficult to ascertain after the fact. For times like those, there is no substitute for having photographic evidence that can be presented in a court of law.


6 Basic Insurance Mistakes to Avoid During Recession

It is essential that you have basic insurance coverage especially during Recession. It is also important to realize that basic insurance will protect your assets and finances from an accident or another damaging situation. However it is common to make mistakes when it comes to insurance. Here are the six most common basic insurance mistakes to avoid.