Car Insurance


Motor insurance is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic accidents as well as the liability could also arise from the accident. Motor Insurance is a type of Insurance made compulsory by Law. This type of insurance covers the Insured’s legal liability to pay damages to third parties in respect of bodily injury, death and property damage arising out of the use of the motor vehicle. We Offer offers different types of Motor Car Insurance Policies covering a wide range of risks including the option to cover loss of or damage to the Insured’s own vehicle

 Third Party Cover 

An Insurance policy covering the authorized driver's legal liability against others arising from the driver's negligent acts or omissions. The Insurance Company may extend the basic cover and offer a series of optional covers.

Third Party Cover Fire and Theft

An Insurance policy covering the legal liability of a driver against third parties plus loss of or damage to the motor car vehicle by Fire or Theft.

Comprehensive  Cover

A comprehensive plan that covers the authorized driver's legal liability to Third Parties plus loss of or damage to the insured vehicle. By buying this insurance cover, you will automatically get without any extra premium charge beyond the road driving cover, passenger’s liability cover, driving other private vehicle and the benefits of Road and Accident assistance. You may also add on the basic cover a series of optional covers.

Comprehensive Plus Cover

An insurance package covering the Motor Vehicle and its drivers’ legal liability due to their negligent acts or omissions. Includes a series of insurance covers without the payment of extra premium including: driving another vehicle of the same type, personal accident cover of the driver and his/her spouse, windscreen cover up to € 854, temporary vehicle replacement up to 10 days, flood, storm and tempest cover and other natural perils.