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Leisure Package (Restaurant, Pubs, Take Away Shops, Cafe, Hotels, Gyms)


Significant Features and Benefits

Material Damage "All Risks"

Cover for loss or damage by an accidental physical cause occurring during the period of insurance to Buildings, Contents and Stock up to €7,5 million per location.

Please note that not only named perils are insured, all risks are insured.

The cover extends to incclude

  • Debris Removal up to 10% of the insured sum
  • Professional fees up to 12,5% of the Insured sum
  • Public Authorities
  • Keys and Locks up to €500
  • Metered Water up to €1.500
  • Trace and access up to €3.500
  • Temporary Removal up to €5.000
  • Accidental Damage to Glass for which the insured is responsible up to €850
  • Damage from Theft to Premises up to €5.000
  • Leakage of draught drinks up to €1.700
  • Outside catering up to €3.500
  • Seasonal Increase for Stock of 30%.
Money and Personal Accident (Assault)  

Cover for loss or damage to money belonging to your business up to a limit of €4.250.

Cover for bodily injury to any insured person as a direct result of a robbery or hold-up whilst carrying business money up to a limit of €8.500.

Goods in Transit

Cover for loss or damage to Property insured while in transit up to a limit of €2.500.

Rent Payable

Cover for rent payable for the Premises where they are unfit for occupation as a result of Damage up to a limit of 15% of the Contents sum insured or €25.500, whichever is the least.

Deterioration of contents of deep freezers

Covers damage caused by a breakdown of the appliance, escape of refrigerator fumes, other extraneous cause, up to a limit of €5.000

Business Interruption “All risks”

 Cover for interruption to your business following an insured loss equal to 10% of the material damage.

The cover extends to include up to a limit of €8.500:

  • Transit
  • Prevention of access
  • Failure to Supply of Public Utilities
  • Unspecified Suppliers
  • Notifiable Disease.
Employers Liability

This cover is required by law and protects you against your legal liabilities for bodily injury to or occupational disease of your employees up to a limit of indemnity as required by Cypriot Law.

The term “Employee” is not limited to direct employees, it includes:

  1. any person under a contract of service or apprenticeship with the Insured
  2. any labour master or labour only sub-contractor or person supplied by them
  3. any self-employed person
  4. any person hired or borrowed by the Insured from another employer under an agreement by which the person is deemed to be employed by the Insured
  5. any person under a work experience or similar scheme while engaged and working under the direction and control of the Insured in connection with and in the course of the Business.

The cover extends to include:

  • Unsatisfied Court Judgements
  • Compensation for court attendance
  • Health and safety at work (legal defence costs)
  • Legal Personal Representatives.
Public and Products Liability

Protects against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to their property up to the following limits:
Public Liability up to €170.000 for any one event and includes your liability as occupier of your premises and the liability that may occur from your business operations.
Product liability up to €170.000 for all events that occur during any one period of insurance, including food poisoning.

The cover extends to include:

  • Compensation for court attendance
  • Health and safety at work (legal defence costs)
  • Consumer Protection Act (legal defence costs)
  • Property in the cloakroom up to €1.700 per cloakroom
  • Overseas Personal Liability.
Directors and Officers Liability Covers personal liability that occurs from a wrongful act committed by officers and directors of the insured company up to a limit of €8.500.
Employee Dishonesty Covers financial loss to the insured as a result of fraud or dishonesty committed by an employee up to a limit of €17.000.
Personal Accident

Cover is offered to:

  • the insured (if an individual), or
  • the directors and officers (if a company), or
  • the partners (if a partnership) and
  • the employees of the Insured

In the event of an accident anytime and anywhere in the world (not only when at work) that has as a consequence death or disablement up to a limit of €8.500 for any individual up to 75 years old and maximum yearly limit of €25.000.

The benefits are payable as follows:

Loss of Percentage of Benefit:
Life 100%
Both Hands of Both Feet 100%
Either Hand or Foot and Sight of One Eye 100%
One Hand and One Foot 100%
Sight of Both Eyes 100%
Either Hand or Foot 50%
Sight of One Eye 25%
Thumb and Index Finger of Same Hand 25%