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Pharmacy Insurance Package

11 insurance covers within 1 insurance contract, together with pioneering covers for the Cypriot standards and with unrivalled insurance premiums!!!

A complete insurance package that covers all possible risks that affect both the property and operations of a pharmacist as well as his/her professional liability.

To who is addressed?
All Pharmacies

Offered Covers:
A complete insurance package which offers to the customer a wide spectrum of insurance cover that embraces 11 insurance risk areas within one contract at a competitive price

1. All Risks Property Insurance
It covers the buildings, renovation, furniture, equipment and stocks against all risks loss.

2. Consequential Loss from business interruption
The insured is indemnified/reimburse (?) with a certain amount in the event that an insured peril occurs that leads to a business interruption

3. Employer's Liability
The employees of the pharmacy are covered as per the requirements of the Law.

4. Staff Fidelity
The business is covered for the risk of staff misappropriation of money and or stock.

5. Glasses and Signs
The glasses and signs of the pharmacy are insured against all risks

6. Public Liability
Third party entering into the pharmacy is insured for body injury or loss of property

7. Product Liability
You are insured for any risk relating to the rigorous product liability.

8. Goods in Transit

You are covered for the transfer of medicine and any other product from and to the pharmacy.

9. Change of Medicine kept in Cold Store or Refrigerator
You are insured for changes in medicine and or other products of your business that are kept in cold store or refrigerator.

10. Money Theft
You are insured for money theft during business hours, when the pharmacy is closed and during transfer of money to (from?) the bank

11. Pharmacist's Professional Indemnity
The personal liability of the pharmacist is insured against professional errors and omissions during the exercise of his/her profession e.g. wrong execution of a recipe, wrong dosage of a medicine etc.

Choices of Insured Amount for Professional Liability

Choice of Insured Amount            Limit per incident       Limit per insured period
Choice 1                                        25000                        50000
Choice 2                                        50000                        100000
Choice 3                                       100000                       200000

For Professional Liability
Choice 1 €250
Choice 2 €350
Choice 3 €500
For earthquake or volcanic explosion 1,50% over the Total Insured amount
For all other risks €300