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Claims Management (Loss Assessing)

Through our subsidiary WE CLAIM4U we can help you assess and submit your claim, making sure that you get everything you are entitled to from your insurance company. We manage the claim process from start to finish for you. This process can be long and complicated. We take the hassle away and deliver the best settlement to you.

"WE are not suggesting in any way, that Insurance Companies don't pay claims, we just point out that they are Business who operates for profit and naturally they will want to pay the least they can."

The Loss Adjusters are appointed by the Insurance Companies and their sole aim is to investigate a claim and try to pay as little as possible.
The Loss Assessors are appointed by the Insured and their sole aim is to assist him in submitting properly a claim and try to get pay as much as possible, and protect their client's interest.

In today's market there are serious insurance companies and not serious ones. There are Insurance companies who are waiting to collect money from premiums to pay claims. There even Insurance companies who will pay you with post-dated cheques if and when they will decide to pay you. Generally For all claims in excess of €500, your insurance company will appoint their own Loss Adjuster whose sole aim is to investigate your claim and try to pay you as little as possible.

When they meet you they will suggest that they are impartial or independent as they say but, because they are paid by your Insurers, you may be drawn to the very obvious opinion that their "impartiality" is unlikely to rest in your favour. The Loss Adjuster is paid by the insurer to pay you the least amount that they can get away with and, in many cases, not to pay out at all. The Loss Adjuster will sometimes use the tactic of delaying the settlement of your claim in the hope that you might agree to a lower settlement to avoid further stress and disruption. This 'wearing down' of the claimant is not uncommon, by many companies.

Claims management from WE CLAIM4U can help you
When making an insurance claim, you are generally very stressed and nervous, worrying not only about the outcome but as to how long it will take to settle. Also, in the event of a serious flood or fire, you're also very concerned as to the effect this will have on your family's well-being. You have every right to expect your insurer to honour their contract with you to make things as easy as possible to get your life back to normal. Your insurance policy contains Terms, Conditions, Policy Endorsements and Exclusions which are all open to interpretation and often misinterpretation. You cannot confidently claim to understand the entire policy wording, and you do not know how the insurance company are likely to respond to your claim. Why should you? You're not an insurance claims expert.

The Loss Assessor is your expert insurance claim professional just as a solicitor or an accountant would be your expert guide when you are involved in legal or tax matters. Salmon Assessors offer a complete claims service. We are there to fight your corner and to represent your interests. The Loss Adjuster is employed by your Insurers to protect their interests. We will ensure that you receive your full entitlement to the maximum settlement that your policy allows.
When you instruct WE CLAIM4U, you will alleviate the stress which accompanies every large claim. You will know that the matter is being handled by expert professionals ensuring your claim is brought to a speedy settlement. Doesn't it make sense to appoint your own Loss assessor to protect your interest?

WE CLAIM4U role is to totally project manage your claim by applying our specialist knowledge and expertise on all aspects of your insurance policy, coupled with our association of expert accountants and legal advisors from a broad range of specialization will result in receiving the highest possible settlement.

Let us be frank from the very start and if this sounds a little mercenary then we make no apology. The higher the settlement we get you then the more we get paid...It's as simple as that! There couldn't be a better incentive for us to ensure you get the maximum out. Incidentally, the less the Insurance Loss Adjuster pays you the more his employer, your insurers, will use him. It's in his interests to pay you as little as possible.

WE CLAIM4U is here to assist you in every aspect of your claim and here are some key elements that we undertake:
• We will formulate your claim, ensuring that it is presented in the correct and professional manner.
• We will deal with all professional bodies such as surveyors and architects on your behalf.
• We will escort you in all claims meetings and negotiations and take notes and decide together the next step.

We can assess your claim, making sure that you get everything you are entitled to from your insurance company.
We manage the claim process from start to finish for you. This process can be long and complicated. We take the hassle away and deliver the best settlement to you. In most cases our costs are covered in your insurance pay out.


Q: Why should I instruct a Loss Assessor to act in my interests?
A: Because your insurers will (or already have) be instructing a Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf. Loss Adjusters may tell you that they are impartial or independent; however they are employed by your Insurance Company to act in their best financial interest....NOT yours. Don't believe us?...Even the Insurance Ombudsman (employed by the Government) has confirmed that "...as much as Loss Adjusters may tell Claimants how independent they are, Claimants know deep down inside that Loss Adjusters represent the Insurance Company". Enough said!

Q: At what stage of my claim should I instruct a Loss Assessor?
A: Ideally at the commencement of your claim which is precisely the time when your insurers will instruct a Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf, NOT yours.

Q: Can WE CLAIM4U get me a bigger settlement than if I decided to negotiate the insurance claim myself?
A: We cannot give you a cast-iron guarantee that we'll always get you a bigger settlement than if you decided to "go it alone"; however, the probability is very much in your favour that we will secure you a much better "pay-out". Please be mindful that Insurers would consider you very unlucky if you have to make more than two major insurance claims in your lifetime. WE CLAIM4U handles hundreds of claims a year and we've been in business for over 25 years.

When your Insurance Company instructs a firm of Loss Adjusters, they fully recognize that employing expert claim negotiators will result in their saving a lot of money. It is in the Loss Adjusters best interests to pay out as little as possible because the less they pay you the more the Insurance Company will employ that particular Loss Adjuster in the future. Indeed, your insurers would actually far prefer that you conduct your own claim negotiations. We suggest that you are equally as prudent as your Insurance Company by employing a Loss Assessor (hopefully Insurancelink) to act in YOUR best interests.

Q: What will you charge me?
A: We work on a small percentage of the claim on a No win – No Fee basis. As we charge you on a percentage basis, it is in our own interest to maximize your claim and to get you every last penny that you are entitled to.

Q: Will you charge me if my claim isn't paid?
A: No and don't worry! In the 25 years we have been negotiating insurance claims, we can count the claims that haven't been paid on one hand.

Q: How long will my claim take to settle?
A: No one (not even us!) is able to give you a specific time-frame. The majority of claims are settled within 3 months, but the more complicated claims can take longer.

Q: What if I need the services of an Architect or a Surveyor?
A: We like to work with firms that know their way around insurance claims and we'll be delighted to suggest these experts. In our experience, when a Loss Adjuster suggests their own Surveyors, very often (not always but very often!) those Surveyors are trying to protect the Insurance Companies interests....not yours. Whether the Surveyors are chosen by the Loss Adjusters or by us, their fees are paid by your Insurers so you might as well get a Surveyor of your choosing!

Q: Do I need a Loss Assessor for a small claim?
A: It is sensible to seek the services of a Loss Assessor for claims over €2,000. However, we will be delighted to give you any guidance you may need on a small claim free of charge. Simply phone our Customer Help Centre.

Q: I'm a great negotiator and am more than capable of negotiating insurance claim me...Why do I need a Loss Assessor?
A: You can negotiate the claim yourself if you have the time and inclination, but the majority of claimants are unaware of the amount of work and effort that goes into pursuing a claim. And again, our experience is based upon our having negotiated thousands of claims over the years. We have been successfully negotiating insurance claims where the initial negotiations were started by the Claimant who soon find themselves not only in trouble but, more often than not, are only offered a fraction of the claim. WE CLAIM4U Assessors are there to ensure that you are professionally represented from the start and to ensure that you get you every last penny that you are entitled to.

Q: Do insurance companies and loss adjusters like Loss Assessors?
A: The vast majority of loss adjusters and insurance companies far prefer to deal with a fellow professional rather than dealing with the Claimant directly. The main reason being that we make their lives much simpler by fully preparing the claim and the schedule(s); saving them both time and money. However, we find that those Loss Adjusters that don't like Loss Assessors are the ones who will make your life difficult and give you the worst settlements.

Q: My insurance broker told me that I don't need a Loss Assessor because they have their own Claims Department.
A: We receive a very large proportion of claims through insurance brokers who have Claims Departments but do not have the expertise or the staff to devote to any one claimant. The main function of a broker is to arrange insurance and not settle insurance claims. Salmon Assessors don't sell insurance policies because we don't have the expertise....Insurance brokers do not have the time nor the expertise to represent your interests when you're making a claim....especially when claims handling is, for them, a non-profit making activity. No one devotes much time and effort if they're not being paid.

Q: Do you handle cases all over Cyprus?
A: We act for claims all over Cyprus

Q: I am not insured – can you still help me?
A: We have many clients that for one reason or another did not have insurance. However, if we can demonstrate that the third party has been negligent, almost everybody have insurance and we will find the correct way to help you claim from his Insurance and get properly compensated.